Custom domain name configuration for APIM endpoints in Microsoft Azure

Gateway (default is: <apim-service-name>,

Developer Portal (Legacy) (default is: <apim-service-name>,

Developer Portal (default is: <apim-service-name>

Management (default is: <apim-service-name>,

SCM (default is: <apim-service-name>

APIM Overview Blade

For the purpose of this guide, I will be configuring custom domain on only the Gateway and Developer Portal (Legacy) endpoints.

Gateway — oauth2–

CNAME Record for Gateway
CNAME Record for Gateway

Developer Portal (Legacy) — oauth2–

CNAME Record for Developer Portal (Legacy)
CNAME Record for Developer Portal (Legacy)
Custom Domain Blade
Settings Option
Certificate File Import
Certificate Upload Completed

Please note that you can only use the same certificate for both endpoints if it was purchased as a Wild Card certificate.

APIM Service Host names updated successfully
Custom Gateway URL
Custom Developer Portal (Legacy)



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